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A Group of Consultants, Managers & Investors

Giving profound meaning to Life, Living & Business

Humanity is one big family but at war with itself as a result of inappropriate thoughts, words and actions by its parts, all fueled by our inability to appreciate that which is at the core of our existence. Shouldn’t this be corrected?

JI Holdings Limited is positioned to actively support all efforts for finding answers to this question.


JI Global Solutions Ltd (Critical Capabilities Consulting)

JI Global Solutions Ltd was incorporated to consolidate and transform the businesses of Future Now Links, a strategic Management Consulting firm and Future Now Training, a Training Consulting company, both of which were under one common ownership…  VisitWebsiteButton

research2FNL Managers Ltd (Research & Management Services)

At FNL Managers Limited our core job are: Employee Satisfaction Surveys; Workforce Alignment Surveys, Customer Satisfactions Surveys, Public Opinion Polls

When in doubt, ask  >>  We Respond  >>  And so, what do you need now? On your answers depend our responses.  VisitWebsiteButton

GEEL Live Limited (Global Integration Services)

GEEL Live Limited (Global Integration Services)

Best Practices Projection; Executive Brand Projections; Community Coaching; Societal Reorientation… VisitWebsiteButton


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FNL Capital (Financial Investment Services)

Financial Capital Contributions & Business Partnerships, Financial Investments (stocks, bonds, etc)  VisitWebsiteButton



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